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Pacific Northwest Gardens

Get your green on!

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Welcome Pacific Northwest Gardeners! Or anyone else interested in gardening in the Pacific Northwest. If you garden in Washington State, British Columbia, Oregon or California, or nearby these areas, come join and share information about the species of plants, growing zones, and techniques unique to this area of the world! Big garden or small, hanging, balconies, every kind of garden is welcome!

Pictures are great. If they are large, please place them behind a cut tag. We'd love to see your garden, your garden plans, your before/after photos, your tools, tricks, and stories.

When posting for the first time, and if you are not a regular poster, please provide a rough location of where you are from. Even in the Pacific Northwest climates vary, and it would be helpful for everyone if you state what town, or at least what region of a state you are in!

Some good links for us PNW Garden folks:

USDA Hardiness Zones and Average Annual Minimum Temperature Range for Our Area

Horticulture Guy - a Tacoma based Gardener with lots of information, a newsletter, and more!
Territorial Seed Co - (based in OR) organic seeds and starts
Seeds of Change - organic heirloom seeds